How could I forget?

The Hot Matriarch texted me yesterday to ask if I wanted to get lunch. Her opener was…

“Hey, Betty hater!”

I laughed. I didn’t mean to appear to be a Betty hater, though I guess used the phrase “eff that Betty” would make me come off as being a Betty hater.

Then, I remembered…

OF COURSE I love Betty Draper. She shot those pigeons in the Season 1. Click here to see her in action. Nightgown, cigarette and BB gun. I recalled yesterday that AS had this picture printed out in our old cubicle and we would look up wistfully at Betty in moments of excruciating pain due to idiocy, and hope one day we too, could stand in our yard in our nightclothes, cigarette hanging out of our mouths, and shoot at our obnoxious neighbor’s trained pigeons.

Of course, years later, I realize that Betty Draper is a maladjusted womanchild and her acting out is infantile. So, no, I still don’t want to be Betty Draper. Joan Holloway wins again!

Also, I saw Ken Cosgrove’s doppelganger walking a cocker spaniel this morning. Nbd.


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