My 10 hours with coffee

I haven’t been drinking coffee for a few years now. When I stopped smoking incessantly, I also stopped overcaffeinating myself.

I had a cup of coffee this morning. 8 ounces. I have been lit up and bouncing off the walls for the past 10 hours. Had I known this was possible, I probably should have started drinking it sometime earlier in the semester when I would lethargically sloth around my apartment all day with little motivation.

I accomplished everything I wanted to get done schoolwork wise, which is an anomaly because I had a shit ton to do. Unfortunately, the two things left on my list after I finished school things were “EXERCISE” followed by “SHOWER”.

Is 11pm too late to work out you think? Icanttellifitisbecausewhenimalljitterylikethiseverythingseemslikeagoodidea.

How do you people do it? I feel like I am flying/on fire/having a moment in which I think I will feel like this for the rest of my life and I am kind of freaking out. Do you think I’m burning more calories right now? Am I making you wig out with how peppy this post is in contrast to my usual, sardonic and misanthropic posts?

Coffee really is magic, though I am totally starting to understand why people get massive headaches when they try to wean themselves off of it. It’s because it’s like DRUGS.


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