Chez Marcel Part Trois

I saw this girl last night.

I haven’t seen her in years. Signe and I met on a study abroad dance program in Prague in 2005. She taught me the Ohio chant, and I in turn, did nothing but compel her to drink and do stupid things like stay out all night and watch the sun rise over the Vltava and in general be reckless human beings.

Sunrise, getting better

Seeing her again was like I saw her yesterday, except we had a lot to catch up on. She just got engaged! Actually, I was Facebook stalking her on March 31 and thought to myself “I bet Signe’s going to get engaged soon” and then the next day I logged on AND THE GIRL ANNOUNCED HER ENGAGEMENT! If I wasn’t so invested in my graphic design career, I’d just segway right into fortune telling. I mean, that’s crazy, isn’t it? If there was ever a moment to prove why two people should be friends, I think it was that moment. Or all the nights in Prague where she shared a makeshift double bed with me and Steph because she didn’t want to go to her room with all the lame-os.

In any case, I am 99% done packing. It’s been somewhat of an all day event. I had to take a break to go to TD Bank and use the Penny Arcade to count my change I’ve been saving since January. There was $75 in that baby! That’ll get me like, a round of airport drinks and then maybe enough to tip the bell hop.

This is me officially signing off to “at the very least, get a god damn tan,” as Jeso begged me to do. I’ll talk to you when I get back, hopefully sans yellow fever, malaria, typhoid, or hep A. If I do come back with any of those, we’ll ship me off to Worcester where Cap’n Cara can use me as a specimen in her lab.


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