Thanks, hi, I’m back.

Panama was AWESOME.

Photos are coming… eventually…

I threw up after I finished working out this morning, and then witnessed a woman having a seizure on the sidewalk on my way to work, so the peacefulness from vacation was quickly emitted from my body. Did you know that 911 asks you 10 times which borough you’re calling from? Do they know that it’s 2012 and mobile apps can track my exact location but emergency services can’t? They also asked me WHAT MY PHONE NUMBER WAS. Are you kidding me? What year are we in? I’d never called 911 before today, so, I guess I was unaware of how archaic the system is.

Given my most recent experience with emergency medical services, I am surprised that the ambulance even ever showed up. Oh right, a cop who was nearby walked over, asked if we had called 911, and then walked away when we said yes. I know I can always count on the kindness of strangers, but I’m not so sure about the people who are paid to look out for us when we’re in peril.

And with that uplifting idea, let us commence into summer semester tomorrow!


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