5 Things I Really Want To Do In the Coming Weeks


1) I have been daydreaming about This Side of Paradise. The exhibit has installations by several artists and is all housed at the Andrew Freedman house in the Bronx, which was like a retirement home for rich people who lost their riches but who were too snobby to be poor. Was that confusing? Read Wikipedia.

2) I also have an outerspace/deep sea obsession and also want to check out the Tom Sach’s Mars exhibit at the Park Ave Armory.

3) I have discussed lobster rolls 5,000,963 times in the past 3 months. It’s time I have one in my mouth. B told me Pearl’s Oyster Bar has the best, AS had once said that Red Hook Lobster Pound was supposed to be best, and Luke’s is supposedly one of the best but last year I went to Governor’s Island for Memorial Day to a food truck fest and Luke’s might as well have just spit on my face when they handed me a SHRIMP ROLL. So. If you know anything that might be helpful in my lobster quest, please leave me a note. If you want to pick me up on I-78, we could also do that and then go up to Maine and eat real effing lobster too. I would be ok with that.

4) I’m also ready to take a sailboat ride around Manhattan. I chose to link to Classic Harbor Line because they have the top rating on Yelp. Don’t you like how I do my research?

5) I want to go on vacation. This is where you bitch slap me because I just got back from vacation. Well, you can suck my _____. My parents and I are going to Alaska in August to visit my brother. For a week! It’s still 3 months away, but I am excited nonetheless. I won’t wear make up and probably will forget to pack a comb, just like I did for Panama, and we’ll hike and kayak and drink whatever alcoholic beverage you drink when you’re kind of in the middle of nowhere and it will be awesome. I can rely on #5 on this list to happen definitely, I only hope that I am not enormously as lazy as AS once told me I was, and can make the other 4 happen too.

And yeah, Panama photos… those are coming soon…


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