News from me.


I was laid off from my job yesterday.

It still half feels like it didn’t really happen, and the other half of me felt very luxurious sitting in my pajamas until 10am this morning.

It’s “fine” but I’m still contemplating what this means for me. People say “oh it’s a blessing in disguise” and I know for a fact that I’ve read things that talk about the nature of being laid off and people say shit like losing their job blew the doors wide open and then they felt like they could do anything. But we all know that I am not nauseating optimistic like that and that I don’t want to be classified as either one of those types of people. I’d prefer to admit to you that yes, I am bummed, but when I was told that my services were no longer needed, I found myself looking out the window and imagining my life with more free time and quite frankly, it didn’t depress me very much/at all.

Truthfully I am still processing it and haven’t figured it all out yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know with words and possibly pictures (probably of Earnest).

Now, please enjoy the plethora of Panama photos that are not even half posted yet.


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