Day 6: Last Day of Beaching and Back to Panama City

Our last day was split between Bastimentos and Panama City.


In the morning it was so hot and humid that B and I couldn’t bear to think about going cave hiking with the rest of the crew, so Kelly dropped us off at Red Frog Beach. We had 2 hours of lounging with hardly any other people around. OH RIGHT, just some guy down the beach wearing a beanie, when the two of us were in our bathing suits and were still hot.


Then we went back to La Loma, had a bountiful lunch and then all 6 of us packed it back on the boat and headed towards Bocas del Toro. We walked to the airport. We stood around waiting for Air Panama to get their shit together, and then boarded the plane back to Panama City. They handed out Doritos on the trip back and I was quite excited.


Getting back to Panama City, we were staying at Las Clementinas in Casco Veijo. The room was amazing. It was a real apartment, and the shower was all hand painted tile. Also, the window over the bed overlooking Punta Paitilla, which is where the Trump Tower and a bunch of other highrises are. A weird tidbit is that someone stopped by the hotel and the front desk kept calling us to say that “KC” was there to see us. Because of the language barrier we thought they were trying to send hospitality up to us, but when we left for dinner there was a note for “Vivian” left for us. I sincerely wish we had told them to come up.


Dinner was at Manolo Caracol. It was no joke. B picked a wine, and we got to go into a little glass room that was the wine cellar. Then, they basically ask if you have any lethal food allergies, and then they get to work. I think there’s 5 plates. But now I’m not even sure. There was a lot of food. Everything was delicious.






The next morning we woke up dreadfully early, but persevered, and then got on our direct flight back to Newark. I slept sitting upright, like a zombie with a rubber neck.

You can see the whole set from Panama here.


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