Friday: Something to be happy about.

If there was ever a week to be unemployed, it was this week. The weather’s been beautiful. Earnest and I have been enjoying long morning walks.

The kittehs and I had a Memorial Day picnic on Monday. Earnest did his “roll in the grass” bit for them. If you haven’t seen him roll like a pig in shit in the grass, here’s the video evidence:

I can’t teach him how to roll over because when I try to touch his neck he thinks I’m trying to pull a fast one on him so his eyes bulge out and then he thinks it’s time to play. Somehow he can roll with grace while scratching his backside on the grass.

As I write this he is passed out like this on the couch, and I can see the rubber bone sticking out from under his neck. I somehow can’t imagine that this is comfortable, but he looks so tired I don’t want to move him.



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