Happy Father’s Day.


Fortunately my mom doesn’t read my blog, otherwise she might be offended that I accidentally excluded Mother’s Day acknowledgements back in May. In my defense, I brought her back some tomato orange marmalade from Finca Lerida and we had a nice phone call.

My mom is incredibly easy to shop for. My dad, not so much. That’s why I bought a domain and started making a website instead.

I think my dad might have been an artist if he didn’t come from where he came from… which is, a super strict Korean family of 6 children. We like sharing creative things with each other, and sometimes he just gets me. I suppose I am 1/2 of him. It is the 1/2 of me that makes people, like the Bursar at Pratt Institute, say things like “are you mixed?” I certainly resemble him. I most definitely have his calves.


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