I’m alive.

My research paper is completed and I can stop having nightmares about parentheticals. Jk, I don’t dream.

Tom Sachs

Last Friday I took a break from wringing my brain out and went to see Tom Sachs Space Program Mars at the Park Ave Armory. In all honesty, I was lost the entire time I was there. I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do where, and I was so engrossed with the films that he had made that I spent most of the 2-1/2 hours I was there in the “cinema.”

emergency space kit

The films were about the systematic approach his studio had to completing the Mars project. It basically showed anal retentiveness. It was a identity guide of sorts. I found it really interesting. Some crotchety woman in the back found the film on “how to sweep” obnoxious and sighed loudly “oh, for crying out loud!” and then left (I think). In between films I found myself pondering her crotchetiness. The films were all about the process, which she deemed uninteresting and so thoughtfully shared with the rest of the cinema. I laughed at her. I don’t think I could have appreciated all the work that went into this epic project if it hadn’t been for the films. Tom Sachs and co. made everything that was on display. I should have said this before, but basically, this project was to simulate a Mars landing. Tom + the studio team basically simulated NASA from step 1-1,000. Incredible.

the LEM

Anyway, I was a little confused while I was there. Tom + team had a bike race while I was there, so I caught some live action. I wandered around and marveled at how much work it must have all been. Then I left.

Tom Sachs Space Program Mars

Unfortunately, I have a knack of going to these things only moments before they close for good. Such like the show at the Andrew Freedman Home.

The past week has been a blur. There’s been a lot of Earnest time lately.

I call this "turkey leg"

My mom and I had a gals night out on Thursday where we had a fine dinner at The Modern in the bar room and then went to Radio City to see Cirque De Soleil’s Zarkana. She was away in South America for a few weeks, and then we barely crossed paths when she came back, so we finally reconnected. It’s good to be back on the same wavelength.

Radio City

Also, I’ve been eating a lot of salads.

Strawberry salad

Also, Cap’n Cara is en route to me right now. The bottle of Hendricks is already out and about.

Empire State Building

Also, all week I’ve been thinking summer solstice was tomorrow. I just googled to confirm and realized it was Wednesday. How do I always miss this shit? Dang.


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