List o’ Things


If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been.

Don’t worry.

I have too.

Some things to catch you up to speed:

1) I was in Connecticut for the weekend.
2) I saw a black bear GALLOPING across the street this morning at 8am on my way to the train. I was so shocked my brain didn’t even acknowledge what it was. It was a bear! That shit was bananas. DW, I called animal control.

3) I’m still trying to formulate the words to express that I have an urge to move beyond New York, but I read On Leaving New York and thought yeah, when I blog about my need to leave New York I will reference this article. That blog post will come… someday.

4) This is the face of my new boyfriend that appears in my dreams.

5) These are so stupid but so entertaining.

6) Also, Earnest shit on my parents carpet this weekend. We don’t know when it happened as I only spotted it as I was eating breakfast. We were all highly amused.

7) Also, if you’ve written me an email in the past 3 days I will get back to you tomorrow. I won’t say “Promise” because I don’t need to say that in order for me to get me to do things, but know that if I did say things like that that I would say it here.

1 comment
  1. Mr. DB said:

    Your new boyfriend is gay and drives a Vespa? You are much too cool to be that 2002.

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