My Face Stays the Same

I’ve made it back to Connecticut.

Last weekend I was here, and made an obligatory trip to TJ Maxx with my mom. I threw down a pile of unfolded clothes at check out, and the cashier asked “now, is your dorm room this messy?”

I know people like to joke with me and say “you look like you’re 12!” But, sometimes I think these are not jokes. If I prayed, I would pray every night that I will get carded at least until I’m 35. Instead of praying, I’ve stated applying eye cream religiously.

I want to remain this youthful forever:


I was probably 8 or so. I know the goat is distracting you from my enormous first pair of glasses. My mom’s a hoarder so I am pretty sure she has those babies stashed away behind the door in her home office. I will look for them later, and hopefully I will find them and see if they still have the magical effect of making my head look smaller than the melon it is in actuality.

  1. I wish I could travel back in time and give 1993-Elle a big hug (and her goat too!). So precious my dear 🙂

    Enjoy your CT sabbatical (as it is called in some circles, haha).

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