Hold the phone!


I was at the pool today and eavesdropping on 8 year olds. One was speaking to his grandmother about his Christmas list.

“Na, I want an iPhone” he said.

His brother said, “Why? You don’t even talk on the phone.”

It was at this point I almost chimed in “hey, I don’t either!”

Anyway, the kid replied, “yeah I do.”

You know you’re losing an argument when you have to refute the truth.

But really, why would an 8 year old need an iPhone? I knew that I didn’t really need it when I got it a year and a half ago, but writing addresses down on index cards when going out got really tiresome and I figured it was time to take charge and become totally attached to an inanimate object. Additionally, I hardly ever make personal phone calls. I converse mostly by text and email. The last voicemail anyone left me was my dentist in May. Yep. MAY.

Here’s to 8 year olds getting iPhones for Christmas and generally just talking about Christmas in JULY.


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