Retiring to the parlor

The HM and her lovable, spritely and quite animated family are renting a house for the month in Vermont. Jeso and I visited this weekend.

I am in love.

Kedron Valley Pond

While floating in the river I told E and Jeso that I want to move there. E said you have to be careful about saying you want to move where you vacation, because life there is never like vacation is. I’d say even being able to swim in a river is an idea that would never get old and would probably never fail me… though I found myself wondering how much longer we’ll be able to swim in rivers because the earth will become so toxic. I tried to push these ideas out of my head. They’re still there, unfortunately.

View of Woodstock from Mount Tom

I’ve only been to Vermont to ski, and that was some time ago. I always liked sitting with my face pressed up against the cold window of the backseat of the station wagon my parents had, looking out the window at all the snow and seeing those rustic barns in the snow banks. I also always liked how incredibly tired one gets from being on the slopes all day. Coincidentally, being out and about in summertime Vermont is as exhausting and as beautiful and makes my heart glow.

On Sunday afternoon Jeso stepped back for a moment and looked at E and me and said “wow, we are so completely Zen’d out.” I was so relaxed I was on the verge of blissful narcolepsy.

After discussing a great love for the Newport, Rhode Island mansions, E set up a tour for us at Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park. There’s the mansion there that was pretty incredible.

Ottauquechee River

We also scoped out a spot on the river to swim in on two separate occasions. We also went for a run on Monday morning and then went straight into the cool, spring fed pond when we were done. The water was still, no one else was around, just the three of us in our running spandex which made all of us look like we were wearing old timey bikinis. Swimming in non chlorinated water is glorious.

Maker's Mark at Bentley's

Saturday night we mingled with the locals at the bar, where there was the party goers from a wedding that had happened down the street. Seeing as we had not showered all day and our interest in going was mostly to observe local habit, I was impressed that people talked to us.


We also ate pie.


And stargazed in the clear skies at 2am.

Goddess Jeso

And went for a hike to one of the peaks of Mount Tom.

Waterfall in Quechee

We drove to Queechee on Sunday in the rain and walked around Simon Pearce for a bit. We saw a glassblowing in action, and then drove around through the woods for a while. I was so gloriously without a care in the world that I drove 25 mph without even realizing it.

Covered Bridge in Woodstock


Covered Bridge in Woodstock

We also walked around Woodstock and checked out the covered bridge.

Woodstock Inn Outake 1

Oh yeah, and took 5 million photos of trying to jump in the air on the lawn out front of the Woodstock Inn. Jeso and I now share a leg.

Woodstock Inn Success

Success, finally.


Like I said, it was a very excellent weekend. We did, however, miss our girl Amanda who was unable to come with. She hates emoticons so I’ll put this here 😦

To the new love of my life: don’t worry, I will be back before you know it.

More photos to come… eventually. I shot some 120 film while I was there. Mreow!


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