Alaska: Anchorage

Air travel is incredible. Don’t you think? Saturday morning at 11am I was at Exit Glacier in Alaska, and 11am on Sunday morning I was landing at LaGuardia. It’s incredible. I am in awe.

I also noted while flying, that I get light headed when I look down from a high building, but I am totally cool with looking out the window every minute of every flight I take. Something is terribly wrong with this: I have trouble opening 3rd floor windows because I can’t stand looking down, but I am so okay with getting into a flying piece of metal and looking down from tens of thousands of feet. This is backwards… isn’t it?

In any case, here we go. Vacation photos abound!

Flying to Alaska

Flying to Alaska


Moose Sign

Alaska Botanical Garden

Alaska Botanical Garden



view from Motel 6 parking lot

view from Anchorage

Captain Cook

Snow City Cafe

Flowers in Anchorage

Anchorage Court House

Captain Cooke

Korean dinner in Anchorage

Driving at 9pm

So, we (Mom, Dad and I) arrived in Anchorage last Saturday. We were expecting to leave town on Sunday to head to Seward, but Brother, who is a lawyer, had a trial that hadn’t finished, so we stayed in Anchorage until Tuesday. Family vacations with my family are generally not so much sitting back and relaxing as much as they are lets blow our brains out covering hundreds of miles, so wandering around Anchorage for a few days was nice and anti-this-family’s-usual-vacation-routine.

We spent Monday and Tuesday in the Anchorage courthouse, which under normal circumstances would not be my first choice of vacation locale (the photo with the stained glass windows is the view from inside!), but actually, it was really interesting to watch a real live trial. Even more interesting: watching my brother as a criminal defense lawyer. Every time he spoke, I restrained a fist pump. I was so proud! My parents and I also found the case fascinating, and we speculated the outcome of the case for the entire trip. It was good fodder for happy hour, and my dad looks speculating about things that may never/never happened so it was pretty much his dream come true.

Cool things we did in Anchorage, we ate at Snow City Cafe (twice!), and also walked around town a bit. We hiked, rode bikes down by the waterfront and through the trees one afternoon, ate some Korean food, saw Brother’s office and his apartment (I made that painting in 2006 and it traveled all the way to Alaska from Philly!), and generally lounged. Ah, and we also went to the Crows Nest at Captain Cook, which is one of the tallest buildings in Anchorage as has a great view, and had drinks.

Anchorage was a good place to start, but Fox Island and Exit Glacier were AWESOME. Those photos are coming later this week. Yeow! Along with the run down of my birthday which was also AWESOME.

  1. debmlong said:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

    1. Those photos are beautiful, but not as beautiful as that painting (I had no idea you did that. Did Sid know about that???)

    2. When I need a criminal defense lawyer, I am calling Brother Chyun!

    Xoxoxoxo. (Email to come!)

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