Alaska: Fox Island

Seward marina

Seward marina

Nunatak boarding pass

sniffing in the fine Alaskan air

leaving Seward

Alaskan White

whale sighting

Heading to Fox Island

Heading to Fox Island

Heading to Fox Island

no smoking

view from the cabin

hike on Fox Island

hike on Fox Island

hike on Fox Island

83hike on Fox Island

hike on Fox Island

hike on Fox Island
hike on Fox Island

Fox Island

Fox Island

So, the deal with Fox Island is that there used to be a fox farm there. Hence the name. Unfortunately, there are no more foxes. My brother, who is the most non-bullshit person ever, said “I’d like to own a fox.” My parents and I looked at him, horrified. His reasoning is that they are just like dogs, and some scientific research claims that foxes bred down are just as domesticate-able as dogs. SURE GUY.


Fox Island is 12 miles from Seward. We took a boat out, which stopped every time they saw a whale. I saw, what I believe is my first non-SeaWorld whale, which was the 1st of about 40 in a span of 48 hours.

The water is ultra blue in Alaska, but visibility is minimal because of all the plankton. Also, the water is like 50 degrees Farenheit, so as inviting as it looks, we estimated one wouldn’t last more than 15 minutes without becoming hypothermic.

Don’t you want to come on vacation with my family? We talk about potential hypothermia and drink beer at 10 in the morning. Fun!

So, the lodge on Fox Island is the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge. There’s a main lodge and then several guest cabins. It was like the sleep away camp I never went to! We didn’t spend much time in the cabin, other than to pass out (and drink bourbon), but there was a pretty awesome view from the giant bed.

Our first day there we took a hike to the other side of the island through the woods. The island isn’t developed, and given that I come from Manhattan, the idea that there were no more than 50 people on the island was sort of thrilling for me.

We spent a lot of time outside but also in the main lodge where all our meals were served. Ps. the food was SO effing good. They are for serious with their cooking… everything was fresh and delicious and even satisfied me, who won’t claim to be a food snob (but actually kind of am).

Also, I am not one to carry on about how cute puffins are, but I rather liked the no smoking signs.

Birthday photos tomorrow.

Click here for Anchorage 1, 2 (and the drive to Seward down Route 1) and Seward.

  1. I appreciate the 10am beers. And I LOVED the “no puffing puffin!”

    And I have to agree with your brother on the wish to own a fox. I also wish to own a fox. I also wish to be a millionaire, who could buy a farm, and then I would fill that farm with DOGS WHO DON’T HAVE HOMES. I was actually thinking about this as I walked through midtown today….

    And I would wake up in the morning, surrounded by unconditional love.

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