Catching up.


I haven’t been blogging.

I guess that’s because things have been moving along at a frenetic, but incredible pace.


Despite a less than optimal 6 hours of shut eye last night, I am wide awake and still all puffed up (ego wise, not in a physically uncomfortable way) over cakeface’s little ditty we did at AUNTS in a loft last night. We love performing, but we really love performing in casual venues, i.e. a loft in Bushwick with friends sitting on the floor with cheap beer and people we haven’t met yet, enjoying our (and other people’s) stuff. Nights like those make me feel like not all hope is lost for everyday people enjoying somewhat anonymous art. There’s no programs or any formality, just a list of performers on cardboard.


Trevortin leaned over to me at one point and said something like “The Factory was more crazy than this. I don’t know how that’s possible.” He was, of course, referring to Andy Warhol’s Factory where there were performances and pornos, etc. AUNTS is a sensory overload. A few times in the evening I found myself standing completely still as everyone moved and talked and tried to focus on what it felt like to be in this enormous crowd of people, in a loft, watching, late on Saturday night, September 15, 2012, in Brooklyn, in New York, in America, in the world. Is that too existential for you? Don’t worry, I creep myself out sometimes too. But being mindful heightens most awesome experiences by 25%. This statistic has been scientifically proven true by me at least twice in my life.


I extend the highest level of gratitude to my friends who made it out. I love having my non-dancer friends come out.


At the dance party afterwards I told Jeso I wanted to hear “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey, and she requested it. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE’s face lit up when it came on. She told me “look at how happy you made all these people!” This instance is a testament that I do actually make the world a better place.


Also, I dedicated last night’s performance of eating a fluffernutter and chugging a glass of chocolate milk to Cap’n Cara, who turned 2-7 yesterday. Girrrrrl, I hope you had a fantastic birthday party, and that you ate all the cake in the world. Like I said, I had my share of peanut butter, Fluff, and Wonder bread along with 2% milk and Hershey’s chocolate syrup. It was all for you.



And speaking of birthdays, I got two, TWO!, birthday presents yesterday. I got a pair of huge beautiful black and gold earrings from HAC, who was concerned they were too big for me (nonsense) and from Deb, The Normal Heart and my first ever gift from CatBird, a wish bracelet. You tie the bracelet on and make a wish, and when it falls off… well, the wish is supposed to come true. I tied it on really well so that I could extend the pre-wish fulfillment wishful thinking for as long as possible.

It shouldn’t be too hard.


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