Musical run down.


This animal woke me up this morning intimating that he wanted to go for a walk. After I got out of bed and got dressed I was looking for him and found him. In bed. Asleep.


I can’t be angry, he got me to school earlier than I ever make it during the week. So there’s that. Then I had a long morning of listening to music and researching.

Rogue Wave, Chicago x 12

Normandie, Shout Out Louds

Full Circle, Half Moon Run

Run Off The Road, Ola Podrida

While we’re on the musical note… Debo and I went to see Newsies on Friday night. I had no idea of the storyline and my main reasoning for going was that the last time I saw Tony Coleslaw he said “I really want to go see Newsies.” That’s it. He told me the dancing was supposed to be amazing. A) He was so right. B) It was the gayest musical I have ever seen and in the very, very best way. Supposed orphan newspaper boys? I couldn’t remove myself from my insider knowledge of dance boys and was very amused thinking about what it must be like to be in a cast with 20 men, most of whom are probably gay. It could either be glorious or very cruel.


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