The Harvest Moon.

Papercuts – Future Primitive from memphis industries on Vimeo.

Last night was the real life equivalent of the time in True Blood when Maryann hypnotizes everyone and there are crazy orgies, human sacrifice and organ harvesting. It wasn’t quite that, but it was a full moon and things were seriously off balance. Like, walking down Metropolitan a car plowed into a row of barricades that created a pedestrian sidewalk. I thanked my lucky stars that fate intervened and put a few obstacles in my route from bar to subway which prevented me from being 5 seconds earlier and directly in the path of disaster.

This song came on Pandora this morning on my walk to the studio. It mixed well with the beautiful fall weather and my general euphoric Sunday morning state… along with also having the capability to drown out the screaming of a Satan child walking down the street behind me.


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