Foggy Day overlooking the park.

I went running this morning. It misted the entire way. Brooklyn nor the Upper East Side were visible as I was running down the East River. It’s only on days that the fog is really dense that I realize that I am actually living on an island. The problem the last few days is that I live on an island and I have lost patience for the people around me and feel that we are all living entirely too close to one another and that no one has any self awareness. This second part is more my perception and less an actual fact, but when I am in a pissy mood my opinions are factual and god, don’t argue with me about it.

Given my current mood, it’s fortunate that I’m leaving for Germany tonight. Land of not cooking, not being at school and being in the middle of nowhere while driving a car with heated seats. The only things making me a little bit sad are that I’m going to miss the premiere of Justin Peck’s Year of the Rabbit and Hofesh Shecter at BAM.

These are the kinds of things that make the notion of leaving New York to relocate for good, unfathomable. I’ve been toying with the idea of moving after graduate school and have picked a few places that I might actually want to go, but in the back of my mind I really do wonder “what the hell will I do in _______?” Leaving a place that has something to do every minute of every day and going to a city that might only have something to do between 9am and 9pm is scary to me, even when the reality of my current situation is that I have a pretty regular routine and I’m not exactly canvassing new neighborhoods every day and going to 12 shows a night. I have a New York superiority complex, I guess.

I am confident that Germany will cure my apathy towards New York. There is only so much fresh air one can get before they start longing for sour city smells, crazy hobos and squeezing into crowded trains. Or maybe it’s more like, yearning to be plugged in and present in a tidal wave.

[That photo up there is from 2008 when I catered a Bar Mitzvah at a Central Park West penthouse and it was SO foggy. I also took it with my old flip phone that was referred to as “the diaper phone” because of it’s white color and size.]


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