Anshana and I made up German words last year when we were in Germany last year and this year we’ve stepped it up and learned one word: genau.

AA heard people saying it repeatedly in conversation, “ja, ja, genau, ja, ja, genau, genau.” After she brought it to my attention we heard EVERYONE saying it. We hypothesized what it could possibly mean, and then started using it in our conversations. “Do you want to go get breakfast?” and the response would be “genau!” Most things could be confirmed by responding “genau” or just throwing it out while working in silence.

Yesterday we got to the office and asked someone what it meant. They basically sent us the dictionary entry for genau.

Our hypothesis was correct. It probably shouldn’t take two educated women-girls two days to figure out the German word for “uh huh”, but nonetheless, we figured it out on our own and now refuse to stop obnoxiously using it in conversation with one another.

I bet this story makes you wish you were here with us.


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