5:22AMThat’s what’s new.

I am 90 years old and waking up in what I once deemed as “the middle of the night.”

I had a bad experience at the Apple store the other day too. I was frustrated that no one could help me find a mini display port to VGA cable and then even more frustrated that I couldn’t figure out where to check out because there are no effing “registers.” Between this and the waking up really early thing, I feel like I’ve become some crotchety old lady that swings her cane at children.

Some other things that have been happening:

leaves at night

Fall foliage at night. I love the look of dark night skies + streetlights illuminating trees. Also, I’m still very into taking upward shots of myself as I walk.

at Lincoln Center

This week I got really crazy and wore some bright color combinations, which is a definite switch up.

chandeliers at the Metropolitan Opera House

Tuesday night I saw Otello at the Met. The set was insane, it like, extended 80 feet towards the back of the stage, it was unreal. How much space do they have back there? It looked like a football field. Speaking of sets, Thursday night I went to see The Best of Everything at HERE. They had a crazy set too. They had a pastel filing cabinet and the furniture was straight up Don Draper, whiskey included. AS sent me a photo of her posed in the set. She was also wearing the pen necklace I gave her. We’re still waiting on Roger Sterling, however.


feeding EarnestEarnesto also came back from his Connecticut vacation with my dad. Before I crashed my parents’ very belated anniversary dinner at Babbo, I fed Earnest his gruel while wearing stilettos and a peplum dress. He didn’t care for the heels, since they only seemed to slow down the process of getting food to his mouth.

walking EAnd we’re back to being attached by a nylon umbilical cord. I missed him.

Also, I’m for real using Instagram now, instead of just taking photos and keeping them private I’m actually doing things with them. Isn’t that so brave/narcissistic of me?


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