I guess I kind of caused a stir on Tuesday. When the power went out on Monday cell service also went, and I couldn’t get a signal until late on Tuesday night standing by the East River. People thought I had died. I was oddly flattered.

Sunday morning I had gone running and bumped into my neighbor on the way back into my building.

“Getting your run in before the storm?” she asked me.
“Yup.” I said. Then I asked “you really think we’re going to get this?”
And she said, “I know we’re going to get it. Bad.”

I didn’t believe her. I believed that my 3 containers of almond milk and two jars of peanut butter would be all I needed to get me through, what, a day or two of no power?

I am an asshole. It got kind of hairy. The hot water got cut on Sunday night. Monday the power went out, Tuesday the water went out completely for a few hours. Wednesday I went for a run, ran into Katherine on the East River bike path, and then I peaced out and went to Jeso’s in Bushwick. I heard that gas and water were being cut in my neighborhood. It’s like the apocalypse.

I can’t say everything about the hurricane was bad. I mean, the amount of damage it did to my neighborhood was kind of overwhelming and sad, but it also reassured me that I am not a completely incapable person. I can light a stove without a pilot light! I managed just fine walking down the 9 flights of stairs with a flashlight to take the dog out. I found cell service! I mean, these are not really the things that would save me in the real apocalypse, but still. I deserve a pat on the back and like, the admiration of people. No?

Another good thing about the hurricane, it removed me from my computer dependence for a few days. I was unconnected, and read this book while sitting by the living room window, with Earnest cuddled up next to me. Monday and Tuesday nights I spent writing by candlelight and staring into the eerily dark sky.

That said, it seems that the rest of Manhattan is unaware of what went/is going down downtown. Getting out to Bushwick was an event, but goddamn, it felt so good to take a hot shower. Added to this: a delicious meal at Northeast Kingdom and tying one on at Pearl’s with Jeso. It made post-apocalyptic me feel so much better.

Anyway, onto the photos.

Basement to my building. That’s water. It’s up to about door handle height. When I left yesterday it still hadn’t been pumped out.

Earnest and I walking down the stairs with the flashlight.

Tree in my neighborhood. 23rd Street, which is just a few feet away from this tree, was under 8 feet of water, so I am told.

I have no photos of this, but all the big trees on the East River were also uprooted.


A rather large piece of driftwood on the East River. I’ll note, some of these made it further inland and crushed a few cars.

unearthed worms

Poor earth worms. Their already short lives cut off prematurely.


Water pumps pumping out buildings.

Avenue C

A desolate Avenue C.

E 20th Street

East 20th Street.

East River

All the debris caught in the railing on the bike path.


Making cat friends with Raymour.

Thank god for kittehs, both the real and the figurative.


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