My Post-Hurricane Update

I’ve been in Brooklyn since Wednesday. The people around me are not only generous, they’re also fun, so we’ve been having a good time distracting me from myself. I am really grateful for the people who have been so good to me lately by taking me in and those from afar who have been massaging my soul with thoughtful texts and phone calls. I know that my living out of a bag of mismatched clothes will only last a little bit longer but that others have not been that fortunate.

Update on my situation: my building had flooding so the electrical system in the basement got fried. It should be back on by tomorrow, but the neighborhood still feels/looks apocalyptic and is without hot water/heat/gas. I stopped by today to get more clothes and throw out the food in my fridge, and was greeted by a girl at the front door checking resident IDs to make sure I wasn’t going to loot the place. One might have a rather difficult time robbing a building when you can’t see shit, but obviously some must be very determined. Humanity is crazy. I haven’t quite caught up with the world yet, but knowing that there are good people in the world helping out people who are in need makes me feel like we’re not all doomed and not becoming soulless robots.

I’ll be back more once I catch up with the rest of my life.



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