The past days and coming days bring new meaning to the word “clusterfuck.”

Hurricane followed by promise of a nor’easter? You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. If I wake up with snow and a Republican president tomorrow I’m going to flip the fuck out.

My post-post-hurricane update: power is back (yay). Heat is not and there was a suspicious lack of water this morning. Thankfully, everyone else around me is living in a 21st century manner, so I am going to shower hop and give a gold medal to my friend with the best water pressure. As for solving the heating situation, I’m either going to set my furniture on fire or procure a space heater and some bourbon for this evening.

On another note, who the hell picked the typeface for the voting ballot? I felt like I was in 1816. Check out these proposed ballot redesigns, much better, right? Jon D. also suggested someone design a ballot app. This is total opportunity to design for change. Shit, I think I smell thesis ideas brewing…

(image from Tar Issue 01, Fall 2008)

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