Returning to normalcy.

Life has finally returned to a more normal state.

The past 10 days have been strange. Being in my apartment without power was a first time experience for me. Later on last week I realized people were going into lower Manhattan to “see” the black out. This surprised me. The experience, for me, was frightening and stressful. My neighborhood, which I love, took a hard hit. When I went out on Tuesday to walk around I saw the amount of damage and it made me feel incredibly sad and helpless. Once I got to Brooklyn and saw people were coming into the city and treating the black out area as a destination to go survey, I got upset. It seemed insensitive.

As the week went on and I was still in Brooklyn, and even at the beginning of this week, I lost interest in my usual routine. Reading blogs seemed trite unless they dealt with talking about the hurricane, and I got irrationally pissed off when I saw people talking excitedly about the oncoming snow storm, or even just going about their normal business. I’ve been distracted, to say the least.

I am thankful that I came out of this on top. I am incredibly sad about the damage the hurricane caused, and am sad about the pain it has caused others. I feel like the days that have passed have changed something in me, which seems both lame and untrue, but I am pretty sure it is a real thing. I just can’t figure out what it is.

So, here we go. Returning to normalcy. October turned out to be quite a month, I’d say.

Taken by konbiw with a Lomo LC-A loaded with Agfa Vista 100 film in Moscow, Russian Federation.



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