Did you think I gave up on you?

I’ve not been silenced. It’s just that, in true kitteh style, I’ve been going balls to wall lately.

So the hurricane happened. I went to stay with Jeso.

@jesocat, radiant.
Cleanest dive bar bathroom I think I've ever seen.

One night we went to duck duck and danced and got sweaty and it was fun.

Staring out my window. Wondering how my neighbors still don't have power. Sandy's been a crazy bitch.
Power in my building went back on the night before Election Day. Heat and hot water were still mysteriously out of service.

Bundled earnest in my bathrobe before I left him this morning as a precautionary measure towards making sure he doesn't turn into a Popsicle.
I had to leave Earnest at home in the cold when I went to school, so as a precaution against him turning into a Pupsicle, I wrapped him up in my very cozy fleece bathrobe that has a kiss print all over it.

I am simultaneously terrified and looking forward to the challenge of existing in my apartment tonight with one space heater. Not a complaint, just an admission of truth.

The day after election day, everything seemed to become right in the world. Obama won and the heat came back on just in time for the fucking snow.

We're doing this. Ignore the typo that says 2013 (eff). #sandyaid

I felt incredibly grateful for being doted on by my friends during the hurricane. But I felt like shit after getting settled  back into my apartment and thinking about all those people, my fellow New Yorkers, who were seriously down and out. So, I did what any graduate student pressed for time and stressing about the end of the semester… I organized a donation drive at school. That served as the perfect distraction from all that schoolwork.

Day 2: so many donations today! I am so proud of my people and especially those friends who trekked to the studio to drop off goods. I XO you. #sandyaid

But you know what? It made me feel so good inside for my people to come together and see their goodwill. So many people donated. There were 5 huge boxes that went to Brooklyn in just under 4 days of running the donation. I’ve never organized anything like this before. It felt really amazing. I think it shall not be the last time.

I see an empty space with hardwood floors and incredible light just waiting to be danced on.

After that, I got back to business. I actually focused on school, for like, two days. Michael took some photos of me dancing, which was an excellent way to spend an afternoon. The next day… I went to visit Cap’n Cara.

In the Fiat with Cap'n Cara!

We went up to Boston to go to After Hours at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. We’ve been trying to coordinate it for months (years, actually). The collection is amazing. There was this one painting in the Blue Room by Howard Gardiner Cushing called The Shower of Gold that was magical. You actually can’t see it anywhere online except for going to ISG Explore and going to the Blue Room. It’s smack in the middle at the very top right above the profile of the old guy. The redhead with magical, luminescence behind her hair.

We also saw Scott, who went to high school with, and I have not seen since we were in high school. The three of us participated in the arts and crafts hilarity that ISG had set up. The basis was that you were supposed to make accessories so you could become a portrait. So far, the only result we’ve seen is Scott, which ISG posted on Instagram. The crown I made is sitting in the backseat of my mom’s car in Bridgeport. Try not to go there and break into her car to steal the greatest thing ever made of construction paper.

Ladies and gentlemen, I just saw a vegetarian order and eat sweetbreads. My work here is done.

After ISG, Cap’n Cara and I went to Toro for tapas. She’s a vegetarian, but… we ate some sweetbreads. If I were a vegetarian, I would go carnivorous for anything at Toro. It was all amazing.

Friday morning we had breakfast at the finest of Worcester’s diner cars. I enjoyed the fake maple syrup on my pancakes immensely.

Elegant diner breakfast.

THEN… I drove to Providence to see SOUL SISTER.


I had day-after birthday lunch with her (her birthday, not mine). I don’t see her nearly enough. I thank my lucky stars every time I see her, that through fate, I met her, and have kept her in my life. Want to know the definition of soul sister? The second time I met her we became attached at the heart and have not separated since.

Tini tiny.

I was supposed to leave on Friday to get back to New York, but it took almost no convincing on her part that I wanted to stay over. So I did. We had dinner with Husband of Soul Sister, went to the open studios at RISD, and played with Hazel(nut), their new French bulldog puppy who is the size of a meatloaf, and kind of feels like one too.

Windy tinsel.

Cat and (Hazelnut) dog.

Then it was for serious back to real life, at least for a few days.

More special lighting effects.

After celebrating Dominic’s birthday for two days with epic meals and such, I found myself eating turkey.

Reunited with this pup!

In my special place.

I was in my special place with my family. It was good, and by good I mean, enjoyable to watch my dog and his dog cousins all try to hump each other. Yep, even the bitch.

As good as crazy has been, I’m glad that I’m back to my regulated life of spending hours blinding myself in front of a computer screen.


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