+ – % = I still need a calculator

The Drawing Twins

I’ve not taken a math class since 2003. When I was a senior in high school I was in what they called “Academic” Pre-Calculus. It was me and a bunch of juniors. My math teacher had crazy psoriasis. I don’t remember a damn thing, except for the texture of that TI-83 Plus calculator we had to use.

One of my main reasons for applying to graduate school for communications design is that I didn’t have to take the GRE or any other standardized test to get in. My main reason for going to art school for undergraduate was that no one seemed to care that I did shitty on my SATs. The real Hallelujah moment came after being accepted and I found out I DIDN’T EVER HAVE TO TAKE A MATH CLASS. EVER. AGAIN.

Now, imagine me, a full grown woman, who just had to use a calculator to figure out if 56 is divisible by 4. 1) It is! 2) Omg, my brain cells are dying.

I would feel bad about this, but I once asked an ex-boyfriend, who crunched numbers all day for a living, “hey, how do you find the percentage of a number?” and then he gave me the wrong formula.

Uh huh…

Still, really? 56 divided by 4? I couldn’t figure that out? It might be time to go back to my division and multiplication tables.

[[This photo is from circa 2002. My cousin (L) is now as old as I (R) was when this was taken. Holy shit.]]

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