Photo Diary: December 1, 2012

The other week I resolved to get back to what I used to love doing: documenting my days by camera. I decided that the first of each month will be my photo diary day. I have no real stipulations, other than the photos will only be taken within the 24 hour period of one calendar day. I am thinking I’ll probably try to stick with film so I don’t get all playback screen obsessed. But, I’m not going to deny myself the option of using a digital camera either. My feeling about it is like… whatever. And maybe I will throw in an extra entry in every now and then. Or not.

So, ok. Here’s the first one.

I shot these using a Fujifilm disposable camera that I bought at Duane Reade on Friday night at 11:30pm. High tech, right?

10AM: Bushwick. Sleepy Earnesto.


11:30AM: Out for a walk, admiring the porch and building facades.


11:30AM: Boy and Bojangles unlocking the front door.


1:30PM: Driving through Brooklyn.


1:30PM: Driving towards the Williamsburg Bridge.


2PM: Upside down good bye kiss.


4:45PM: Waiting for the traffic signal to change at 18th and 5th Ave.


6:30PM: Full fledged hustling to get to the L.


7:30PM: Still hustling, getting to BAM to see Lucy Guerin’s Untrained. (It was fucking brilliant!)


10:00PM: Meeting Jeso for mulled apple cider and applejack at Heavy Woods to celebrate lady bird’s NEW JOB! My face is happy, really.


11:30PM: end of the night good nights.



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