We will get through this.


Tomorrow is the last day of my semester.

Glorified science fair/critique/my absolute hell. I loathe survey, though KR pointed out to me yesterday that if it wasn’t for this living hell, that we would never “finish” any of our projects. Survey certainly gives me acid reflux, but KR is right, without it, projects would never be finalized to a professional level.

So, tomorrow I will soldier on and try not to cry or scream expletives when some person, who has no idea what the basis of my projects were, says something totally off the mark and give some generic suggestion that requires only 5-7 milliseconds of thought. I am really looking forward to a delicious lunch at City Bakery and then reveling in the glory known as WINTER BREAK.

And yes, Earnest just climbed up on my lap as I was working on the laptop and gave me a hug.


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