Puddle is a strange word.

Bloodshed before 9am, but a good sunrise run.

Who the hell needs a boss when you have a dog that stands next to you while you work? #dogisthebossofme

Just standing like hookers in the rain.


Penelope breakfast with KR.

Yesterday evening's Christmas party.

Saturday morning


Sunday's rain on the sun roof.

Low light. Pig Pen. @jesocat and Trevortin.

Pig Pen Theatre Co.

School is done! I revealed my secret Santa Tom Collins kit to Jeso last weekend. Dom and I had a visit to the Hyatt in Morristown, New Jersey for his company’s holiday work party this past weekend and then we had breakfast in bed and actually walked through town as we waited for roadside assistance when his car needed a jump. We found Jesus candy canes at Rite Aid. The rest of the weekend was rainy and gray, but we huddled under wool blankets and went to see the NYCB Nutcracker (not pictured) and Jeso and Trevortin and I went to see Pigpen Theatre Co. at Joe’s Pub last night. I was in a bad mood but somehow having bourbon put things on the up and up again.

Christmas is a week away? Holy shit.


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