Rwanda: Part One

first sunrise of the trip

sunrise through the curtains

first day sunrise

morning feet 1

elevator feet

pool at Milles Collines

on a walk near the hotel

construction in Kigali

walking in Kigali

enormous jar of Nutella at the grocery

feet at Milles Collines Hotel

fountain at the Genocide Museum

rose garden at the Genocide Museum_0539

roses at the Genocide Museum

rose garden at the Genocide Museum

mass graves at the Genocide Museum

view of Kigali from the Museum

stair case at the Genocide Museum

huge rain drops

bench at the Genocide Museum

rain leaving Kigali

view on the drive

Rwanda map

on the way to Volcanoes

people in town

children playing

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge


entrance at Sabyinyo

room at Sabyinyo

bathroom at Sabyinyo

window at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

at sabyinyo


The premise for my trip to Rwanda is that my mom is part of a nursing program through the Clinton Global Initiative that sends American nurses to train Rwandan nurses in their hospitals. Most of the traveling I do with my parents is because my mom is working and my dad and I are really good at being tag alongs.

We got in around 9pm to Kigali. Our first night in Rwanda we stayed at Hôtel des Mille Collines, which is the hotel that the story of Hotel Rwanda is based on.

The next morning we had breakfast on the terrace overlooking the city and then took a walk around the neighborhood and may or may not have found a craft market where I banged out all my gift buying in less than a half hour. The walk also included a stop at the grocery store where I found this wholly unnecessary jar of Nutella that was the size of my face.

In the afternoon our guide, William, picked us up and brought us to the Genocide Museum. I feel like I can’t write about my experience there in a way that would be meaningful. I was deeply moved. It did make me remember how fortunate I am to be removed from the real volatility of the world.

After the museum we left Kigali and headed for Volcanoes National Park and Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. It was about a two and a half hour long ride. I would say I was awake for about 30 minutes of the entire drive. Enough to experience the beginning of a psuedo-monsoon when leaving Kigali and then taking a few photos of the scenery on the way.


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