2/1/13 Photo Diary

I know, you thought I forgot. Actually, you probably don’t even know wtf I’m talking about.

I didn’t forget, but it’s been so cold lately that taking my hands out of my coat pockets to use a camera seems a stupid idea. Instead, I took mental notes on what I saw during the day and then drew them out. I am in no way suggesting that these drawings are “good” but I do feel like I set out with the intent to do this every month and refuse to throw in the towel just because I didn’t do the literal “photo taking” task this month.

When Debo had her dinner party the other week we played a game that Heather taught us… you write a sentence on a piece of paper, pass it onto the person next to you, and then they draw a picture of the sentence. They then fold over the part of the paper with your sentence on it and then pass it to the person next to them, who, can not see the original sentence but writes a sentence about the drawing. It’s like pictorial telephone. It can continue on for quite some time.

Debo was sitting to my left and Dominic to my right. I was the lucky recipient of several drawings of fish by Deb, all of which had a somewhat phallic resemblance, making me pronounce them “dick fish.” I, of course, passed these sentences with the words “dick fish” onto Dominic, who had the task of illustrating what a “dick fish” actually looks like. Thank god he’s good at drawing.

Anyway, I realized at this dinner party that I haven’t really “drawn” for pleasure in quite some time. I didn’t actually have the intent of getting so involved with the creative process for this self imposed photo diary project, but it seems like this is the way it turned out for this month. So… here we go.

[list of what you’re actually looking at is at the bottom of this post]

1 - oatmeal
2- yogamat
3 - route
4 - hallway
5 - windows
6 - sky
7 - earnest
8 - fur
9 - mice
10 - tv
11 - pillow

[1] breakfast: oatmeal with chia seeds
[2] texture of my yoga mat
[3] my imagined route from my house to school to home
[4] hallway at school
[5] mysterious windows that look into a shaft at school
[6] same mysterious shaft, looking out while it was snowing
[7] Earnest in his carrier
[8] my mom’s fur headband that makes her look like a Russian emigrant
[9] dual computer mice, I’ve been working on laptop and desktop simultaneously, I completely understand why they are called mice after drawing this.
[10] all the lines that make up parquet floor, radiator, window and television.
[11] special pillow for my neck that is broken (not really broken, just chronically sore)

[Also yes, I did, most certainly, post this DURING the Super Bowl. Me. The great lover of sports. Not.]

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