Candy hearts.

Cheap #beer and (cup)#cake(s) for Valentine's Day from Katherine after informing her last week that it is one of the best combinations ever.
True romance is rolling a cigarette for your lady after a long day.
This is how we celebrate people groping on the L on one day a year.
Just unveiled my #tattly #valentines surprise for RG. It's not real, Mom! Thanks KRobik for your hand lettering! He loved!

Yesterday was pretty special, even though there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. Ok, well, that’s a lie because I definitely drank a PBR at the studio around 2pm. But, it was a day well spent being around people I adore, and at least interwebz communicating with the ones I couldn’t spend time with.

I also watched Debo’s film “Where Have You Been?” which focuses on her nostalgia and lessons learned in New York. The opening is an excerpt from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which is a book that Debo and I share a great love for. While watching, I was thinking about my own experiences living here and really coming to realize, New York is very much my Valentine even though damn… sometimes it is some tough f*cking love.

At the end of the day, standing on the L, I watched girls carrying bodega wrapped flowers from their man friends and everyone kinda looking a little red faced like they had a lot of wine at dinner and maybe some sloppy kissing on the platform. Instead of this conventional Valentine’s exchange, Dominic cooked steak, and I surprised him with a Tattly temporary tattoo. I customized it by cutting out the text in the banner and having Katherine write “Dominic” on my arm with marker. I was so excited about showing him that I laughed maniacally for like, 5 minutes before exposing my shoulder. He wasn’t immediately sure that it was fake, which was evident in the semi-horrified but also thrilled look on his face.

I consider this a Valentine’s success story.

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