3/1/13 Photo Diary

3/1/13 photo diary 1

3/1/13 photo diary 2

3/1/13 photo diary 3

3/1/13 photo diary 4

3/1/13 photo diary 5

3/1/13 photo diary 6

3/1/13 photo diary 7

3/1/13 photo diary 8

3/1/13 photo diary 9

Friday was my photo diary day. It was going well until I exposed the roll of film I had taken in the morning. Everything went south after that, so I’m surprised that any of the shots from the second roll came out. AS had bought me this 5 lens lomo for my 26th birthday, so I decided March was the month it was to be used. I am so torn between doing digital things and doing film things. Part of me loves the surprise of film, and the other part of me hates the surprise of finding out your purposefully expired film did not yield the desired results. Maybe what’s next is a digital/non digital comparison. Will someone remind me of that come April?

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  1. Shoko said:

    these are really beautiful, elle. i’d love to play around with a camera like this one day…looks like fun!

  2. Thanks, Shoko! It is – film can be fun as long as you’re open to the idea that none of the photos might come out. 😉

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