4/1/13 Photo Diary


image by only alice


image by clownbastard

walking at night, bushwick to queens

image by arimoore

20110422 - Albireo - Double Star in Cygnus

photo by Ken_Lord

light: curtain

photo by jessicakelly

Unmade bed

photo by depeche_rod

The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

photo by Ali Elan

Fun in the Dark, Pt 2

photo by voteprime

Blue Water Droplets (IMG_3637)

photo by Ed_Towned

watching tv in the attic

photo by ISOtob


Dominic and I both thought yesterday was the first of the month.

There is no excuse for this enormous mistake other than we never double checked the date. Thus, this photo diary is really from March 31. My personal challenge: finding photos from other people to illustrate my day… which was – late night dancing, sleeping, eating brunch, and then going back to sleep.

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