Things I’ve Been Pondering

Friday, all day, I was glued to CNN and Google News to keep up with the intense manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Watertown. I was really invested in it. Watching the whole thing unfold felt strange. The entire week was strange and upsetting, really, but seeing the footage and photos released on Thursday and following the story on Friday gave me the chills. And during it all, I kept wondering what a 19 year old boy thinks about as he is hiding out from the entire country, after his brother has just died, and he is all alone and it is not very likely that he’s going to be able to slink away from this.

Two other things I’ve been wondering about:

1) How doctors, surgeons, nurses and other care givers provide care to a suspect in circumstances like this. I suppose it is in their ethical code to provide the best care they can… but aren’t there dilemmas along the way?

2) How they will ever be able to find an impartial jury to hear this case?


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