some of my boys
Alexis & DM
pups buckled in
getting into town
view from our window
Philly welcome dinner
Sunday brunch at Parc
UArts/Broad Street
fortuitous parking spot
Philly rainbow
passing through to Trenton

Dominic is working in Philly for a few weeks and since my location/life can be somewhat flexible at the moment, I came with him.

Today is graduation for my alma mater, University of the Arts. The class of 2013! This spring has brought an onslaught of realizations. Wow! I graduated college six years ago! Wow! I graduated high school ten years ago! Wow! So much has happened, yet, sometimes I feel like no time has passed at all. So much is the same, but so much is different! This is the mind fuck that I’m living out right now. I imagine if I ever have children that these sorts of change/non-change realizations will be even more stunning.

I’m commuting back to New York once a week for my summer class. Debo reminded me last week that the SEPTA/NJTransit route between cities is a great ride to ponder life. I spent a few weeks one summer commuting between Philly and New York. It’s 5 hours round trip, and I generally would spend most of that time looking out the window. I didn’t spend the entire trip looking out the window yesterday, but that certainly didn’t deter me from staring out into New Jersey at one point and thinking “what is going to become of me?” which is mind fuckery at its best.


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