running races/riding rollercoasters

Delancey St.
afternoon dog nap
napping on the bath mat
turkey leg in bed
Philly open skies
tunnel traffic
"ran" into Evan
JO and TM
JO + DM after the Brooklyn Half
Nathan's on the boardwalk
Brooklyn Half
DM at Coney
D + me
lookit on the beach
Pearl's 1
Raymour stands like a bear
Boses' headrest
gray skies + wiper

I spent the weekend back in NYC. Dominic and Jeso ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday morning. We ate hot dogs and drank enormous beers and then took a spin on the Cyclone. No one vomited or peed their pants. Enormous task accomplished!

Dominic and Jeso made new personal records and had post-race euphoria that was contagious. I am so proud of them. Awesome sidenote: I ran into Evan, who is a friend from high school at the finish line. Seeing him makes me feel like no time has passed, which intensifies that passage of time mind fuckery I found last week.

Please note: the photo of Jeso laughing at Pearl’s can probably cure the grayest of days.


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