Boston Holiday.

Cap’n Cara, Jeso and I were in Boston this past weekend for Boston Calling. We drank whiskey in the rain (and I mean, frigid, fucking rain) on Saturday, danced to fun., repeatedly put cooked food in our pockets and bags (that was me) and forgot about it, and strategized on how to stay warm. Containing your own body heat hardly seems a problem one should be having on Memorial Day weekend, but I fear if it had been warmer out that the portable toilet situation would not have been as odor free as it was.

Speaking of porta-potties… Jeso came back from the john on Saturday night and told me she could hear me laughing from the beer garden while she was taking a whiz a good 50 feet away.

New idea for a band name: I Came to Hear You Laugh.

I’ve already got tee-shirt designs in the works.


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