Philadelphia 30th Street Station
on the train from Philly
Cap'n Cara and me in the rain
french fries, that I later put in my purse
Brunch at the Beehive
Boston Calling
Jeso, Boston Calling
Jeso and I, Boston Calling
Boston Calling
Jeso's upward shot of me
sky shot at the National
baked sea bass
Earnest sandwich
heading home
Wonder Wheel
on the Wonder Wheel

May was a month of travel. I was between New York and Philly and made a weekend trip to Boston for the Boston Calling music festival.

June is a month of travel too, I guess. Tomorrow cakeface is flying out to Chicago. We’re performing in Core Project’s Going Dutch Festival at Links Hall on Saturday at 3:00pm and 7:00pm.

When I return on Sunday I’ll have covered most modes of transport in the past month: car, bus, train, plane. I’ll be ready to stay put, or… at least for a week or two until my major migration across the East River.


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