July 1 photo diary

wake up call
self portrait 7/1
empty studio
downpour at 10am
model building
puddles in Clinton Hill
Earnest amongst the boxes
in the kitchen
Bo pose
dinner shadows
lights out
dead. asleep.
Note about the photos: I was contemplating black and white the other day and figured I’d give it a shot. Today, out of pure laziness, I decided not to edit any of them. So, these are directly out of the camera, no cropping or horizontalling or anything (anything!). Also, that last one is of me sleeping. I didn’t know it existed until about 15 minutes ago. Thanks, Dominic.


This monologue outside my window woke me up last night:

“Son, what’s wrong, son? Why are you sleeping here? [Long pause]
What’s wrong, son? You’ve got a mom that loves you, why are you sleeping here… I smoke crack and (something indecipherable). Get out of here, son.”

Overhearing this was so unsettling I had a hard time falling back to sleep. This morning there was a mattress outside on the curb.

Despite this, Brooklyn already feels like home.

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