Vermonticism 2013.

under the Woodstock Bridge swim 6
Woodstock covered bridge
Woodstock cemetary
Sugarbush cheese tasting
Sugarbush Farm
my face at Sugarbush
feeding goats
DM feeding horse
DM feeding horses
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 7
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 5
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 4
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 3
under the Woodstock Bridge swim 1
first round of cheese
Vermont! 2013
local eggs are out
Earnest 2
before the first river swim
morning feet
Church Street
Harpoon Brewery, VT 5
Harpoon Brewery, VT 4
Harpoon Brewery, VT 3
Harpoon Brewery, VT 2
Harpoon Brewery, VT

awesome sink at our placeMarsh Billings
E and me
garden at Marsh Billings Rockefeller
Vermont trees
Ottaquechee River
breakfaston the way to SugarbushSustainable Farmer, Windsor VT
prepping the flaslight
Earnest in the dark
night time walk
the moon

Dominic took a few days off of a work and he arranged a last minute trip to Woodstock, Vermont. Last year, Jeso and I went to visit the HM and we swam in rivers and were totally in love with nature.

This year, Dominic fell in love with nature. We also met the HM and R-money under the Woodstock Bridge to go swimming. We also ate cheese. So. Much. Cheese.

One thing I noticed on our trip was that Vermont has a certain fascination with Art Nouveau fonts. I wondered if maybe there was a better option than Arnold Boecklin for signs for hair salons and clothing boutiques.

DM and I visited Sugarbush Farm while we were in Woodstock as well. We fed the livestock (do you know how weird goat’s tongues are? And visited the sugar house, and also taste tested cheese (as we had done every day before then as well).

We also attempted a star viewing one night, but I became radically afraid of being eaten by a bear so I made Dominic pack up the blanket. “WHAT IF WE DIE!?” I cried. This is obviously ridiculous but I am thankful he didn’t make me live through my fear. If I didn’t have a nervous breakdown about being mauled by a bear, I would have eventually come to have a nervous breakdown while looking at the stars. Lying on a blanket and looking into a dark sky feels both like you’re laying on the floor of a dimmed Grand Central and like you are looking into the universe (which you are) and has an effect of nausea and awe. I kept waiting for someone to step on me. This is not normal.

As we were heading towards I-91 for the trip home I screamed, “we won’t forget you! Promise me you’ll write! I love you, Vermont!”

I’ve got fingers, toes and eyes crossed that maybe I can go back again before 2013 ends. Earnest’s paws are crossed too, as he loved rolling around in some kind of animal poop-a-loop in the yard which forced me to give him a bath with Tresemme. While not made for dogs, he certainly is the shiniest I’ve ever seen him.

You can see posts from last year’s trip here here.


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