Camp cakeface costuming

Early in my dance “career” (i.e. approx. 1997-2007) I had a thing where I always wanted to wear risque dance costumes, like hot shorts and shit. Instead, I was relegated to wearing ill fitting mens clothes. Several times.

Late in my dance “career” (i.e. now) I would rather lay face down in a dumpster than parade around in spandex. Since I am the clothier of cakeface, I call the shots now!

Lo and behold… CAMP CAKEFACE.

camp cakeface

These coordinating camp separates are for our new piece, harold, i hate you. We had a showing on Wednesday night and my mom (my mom! She still comes to all of my performances!) snapped this pic of me and Jeso. Me and Jeso’s other mom, Cassie, said we couldn’t be any cuter. I feel totally comfortable in tooting my own horn and saying YES, yes we are.


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