Roosevelt Island Adventure

waiting for the tram
tram hands
us on Roosevelt Island
me on Roosevelt Island
DM on Roosevelt Island
waiting for the return
Koch Bridge
arriving back in Manhattan 1
arriving back in Manhattan 2
Bushwick late night fire hydrant 1
Bushwick late night fire hydrant 1
Dominic took vacation before we went on vacation the other week, so we went to Roosevelt Island one night after I got out of rehearsal. I’d never been there, though, I don’t know our trip there via the tram counts as being “there.” We got off the tram, walked to the water’s edge, took some photos, laughed a little bit, then walked back and got back on the tram. On the way back the tram glided along the Ed Koch Bridge and in between big apartment buildings with big windows and lots of lights on. One of my favorite things about New York is looking at Manhattan lights, but moving high up in the air gave me a new vantage point to check things out. Conclusion: Manhattan lights are pretty great.

On the way home someone had opened a fire hydrant. It was full blast, creating a waterfall mist effect on our street. Conclusion: also pretty great (though incredibly wasteful).

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  1. Greg said:

    This is great – but where are your “Wien, Österreich Adventures”?

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