Things I never thought I’d do.

Day 119: Another addition...

Yesterday my flip flop broke while en route to the grocery store. It wasn’t a break that meant I could drag my foot along and get by. It essentially disintegrated.

I walked across Knickerbocker Ave with one bare foot. I walked directly into the dollar store where Dom bought me some $1.97 slippers which I wore to the grocery store.

Today I rode my bike to rehearsal. Riding down Morgan Ave, I decided to get on the sidewalk because I’m always afraid of trucks running me down at the light at Grand St. I didn’t quite land right on the curb, and the amount of sand made me slide like crazy. I found myself face down on the cement. Only minor injuries were sustained. But I was wearing helmet, which probably saved me from cracking my head open.

Yesterday? Walking barefoot in Bushwick! Today? Lying down on Morgan Avenue! 28 sure is shaping up to be a fucking adventure.


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