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It’s not every day you take two separate trips to 34th street or go into a building and not emerge until it’s dark out! You can see the imprint from my yoga mat on my face in the last photo. That’s the kind of thing that you need at the end of an epic long day.


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The first of September seems like it centuries ago. It’s been 17 long days, I guess.

For the 1st I was in Connecticut at my parents’ for the holiday weekend. We had a visitor, it was my dad’s birthday, and I was mom-dogging with Earnest and Bo while Dom was out of town.

September is now seriously under way. I’m almost finished writing my thesis. My cousin, Seanie, got married two weekends ago. I started my internship at a small digital agency. Rehearsals for cakeface’s October show are in full swing. I actually had to wear a coat yesterday. I am such a gross ball of stress that yesterday I gave myself a migraine and today I can’t move my head to or fro. I am Frankenstein, I think.

On one hand, I’m complaining. On the other, I’m not complaining and just acknowledging that my life as of late is very full, sometimes very unrewarding and requires several MTA transfers a day.

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My last first day of school.

I don’t remember my first first day of school. A few years out I won’t remember this day either.

But riding up Willoughby this morning I felt like I was kissing summer a long good-bye. Like when you’re saying good-bye to someone you really love a lot and you know there is going to be a lot of time/distance/space between you and you are trying to hang on to all the good stuff that made you love them so much and it’s all projecting like movies on the insides of your skull.

Ok summer, for real. I love you! Good-bye.

Since moving to New York six years ago, summer seems to drop off right after my birthday. The air gets crisp, and the sun shifts to an angle that warns me that summer is waning. It often makes me nauseous.

This year I am mourning the loss of summer, but in that I’m also preparing myself to go mega-psychotic full-speed hyper-balls-to-the-walls to finish out my last semester of graduate school.

Yesterday Dom and I rode our bikes out to Jacob Riis Park. We rode down Bedford Avenue all the way from Bed Stuy to Sheepshead Bay and then over the Marine Bay Parkway. It was beautiful and smiling was a natural reaction as I pedaled as fast as I could up and down hills. We ended this epic, 30+ miler day with enormous Coconut Bliss ice cream sundaes with sprinkles. When Dom tucked me in last night, I rehashed summer highlights until I talked myself to sleep.

celebratory end-of-semester swank dinner


“NYC 1993: Experimental┬áJet Set, Trash and No Star” museum date with Debo


Alexis’ going away party with the fist

Alexis & DM

Philly brunch

Sunday brunch at Parc

My favorites after the Brooklyn Half

JO + DM after the Brooklyn Half

First time in Coney (I know…)


Frigid Boston Calling with Cap’n Cara + Jesocat

Cap'n Cara and me in the rain

Boston Calling, the sun came out the last day

Boston Calling

One of many car trips with Bo this summer

Boses' headrest

Morning Philly dog walk

morning walk

More Coney


Height of summer!

on the Wonder Wheel

Effing Chicago with cakeface

HG & JO in front of Empire Liquor 5

First show in Chicago

7pm show

Moving to Bushwick

Earnest amongst the boxes

Fourth of July

fireworks 2

Woodstock, VT

under the Woodstock Bridge swim 5

Feeding goats and laughing at their weird tongues touching my hand

feeding goats

cakeface’s first showing of harold, i hate you

camp cakeface

Roosevelt Island weeknight adventure

me on Roosevelt Island

Earnest on a road trip


Seeing my design work in the Berkshires

MLA poster

Mass Live Arts at Simon’s Rock

New York girls in MA

Birthday, fucking, cake, oh yeah!

birthday cake and candles

kittehs in Bushwick!

kittehs in #bushwick

Rhody trip to see soul sister

Bloodies, lobster, crabby towel, @nikkijuen, soulsisters.

Hazelnut and Earnest

Missing this.

Rhody sunset

Sunset on the way to a movie with my a.s.s. @nikkijuen

Good bye, summer.

Last day of summer with @domthevagabond.

Day 119: Another addition...

Yesterday my flip flop broke while en route to the grocery store. It wasn’t a break that meant I could drag my foot along and get by. It essentially disintegrated.

I walked across Knickerbocker Ave with one bare foot. I walked directly into the dollar store where Dom bought me some $1.97 slippers which I wore to the grocery store.

Today I rode my bike to rehearsal. Riding down Morgan Ave, I decided to get on the sidewalk because I’m always afraid of trucks running me down at the light at Grand St. I didn’t quite land right on the curb, and the amount of sand made me slide like crazy. I found myself face down on the cement. Only minor injuries were sustained. But I was wearing helmet, which probably saved me from cracking my head open.

Yesterday? Walking barefoot in Bushwick! Today? Lying down on Morgan Avenue! 28 sure is shaping up to be a fucking adventure.

birthday cake and candles

photo I stole from AS!

Yesterday was quite a day. I already felt the birthday love at 11:45AM, which was before I yogacized and before I ate 3 pieces of cake. And had a birthday party!

I’ve had plenty of birthday parties, but the last few years I’ve been hiding out from friends on my birthday as I’ve come to dread it. Jeso and Dominic decided this year they were putting their collective foot down and planning me a party. But I explicitly said “no surprises” after Jeso’s surprise and they played by the rules.

It was amazing!

I always hear people whining about how they don’t want to go to so-and-so’s birthday party because it’s going to be a drag, so I always feel self indulgent expecting people to come to celebrate “me” because that seems like not a very big draw. But wow! It is really fun and great when people show up just for you! I was very flattered, and felt very loved. And it feels like the very first time that I’ve had a birthday and been able to appreciate that.

Enlightenment! Oh yeah! That’s a pretty good birthday present too.

Thank you friends, who celebrated me from near and far. I love you all so so so so much.

Brother's face makes me laugh everytime I look at this photo

[photo is from my birthday last year kayaking around Fox Island, Alaska. Brother’s face still makes me laugh.]

I sent my mom a text message last night telling her that I had just eaten a huge vegan sundae and was about to pass out but “thanks for carrying me for 9 months… and then the subsequent 28 years.”

2-8 is in and 2-7 is out! But, not without learning a few things:

1. When I die (which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately), I will think that this life has been good, but god damn, it went by so quick!
2. The “clear night” symbol on the iPhone weather app is not made up of tiny, indecipherable raindrops. They are stars. In my 27th year I carried my umbrella much less than my 26th year. Age = wisdom!
3. I could use to be more patient.

And dear friends, I love you all so much and am so thankful for your shiny presence in my life.

Onward, upward and striking while the iron is hot. YEOW.