Best ________

The kittehs have been discussing a pilgrimage to Ireland. This is all speculative, and came about because AS had a dream in which we went to Ireland instead of Vegas for her 30th birthday.

I love thinking about travel, and I am the tour manager for the kittehs, so we’ve been emailing about the possibility of this trip all week. The Hot Matriarch emailed with her summer vacation availability, I replied back, and then Jeso sent this this morning:

“I took a shower with Irish Spring this morning so I am totally into this conversation.”


“He whose name shall not be spoken” is a rather classy way to allude to that horrid specimen of a man that your friend (me) refers to as “Cialis.”

This life never gets boring, and I never tire of amusing myself with the English language.

… there’s no stopping her.

Another zinger from the Hot Matriarch:

“Tomorrow night will be clear and cold. Those sons of bitches better not make us stand out in the cold. I’m waiting for them to make high heeled platform uggs that look sexy. Or Louboutins that feel like Uggs.”

She’s onto something.

The Hot Matriarch was in Hawaii shortly after I was. I LOL’d when I got this one.

“I had this really weird New Yorker experience though of feeling a little freaked out that we were out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no civilization or LAND for a thousand miles. When the sun was setting the evening we arrived, it freaked me out because it was so bright and I was like ‘John can you believe that’s a STAR?!!’ And he was like, ‘did you smoke up on the plane?'”

“Ughh, I think my work day is over. I’ve been doing bench-work non-stop since nine (a rarity!) and I am tired and can’t think.
I’m going to count my dead flies and go play with Lou!”

I love her.

Did I ever tell you about the time she made tabuleh and put it into ziplock bags for us to take on a ferry ride between Seattle and San Juan Island? She did. Did you know there is raw onions in that? There is.