birthday cake and candles

photo I stole from AS!

Yesterday was quite a day. I already felt the birthday love at 11:45AM, which was before I yogacized and before I ate 3 pieces of cake. And had a birthday party!

I’ve had plenty of birthday parties, but the last few years I’ve been hiding out from friends on my birthday as I’ve come to dread it. Jeso and Dominic decided this year they were putting their collective foot down and planning me a party. But I explicitly said “no surprises” after Jeso’s surprise and they played by the rules.

It was amazing!

I always hear people whining about how they don’t want to go to so-and-so’s birthday party because it’s going to be a drag, so I always feel self indulgent expecting people to come to celebrate “me” because that seems like not a very big draw. But wow! It is really fun and great when people show up just for you! I was very flattered, and felt very loved. And it feels like the very first time that I’ve had a birthday and been able to appreciate that.

Enlightenment! Oh yeah! That’s a pretty good birthday present too.

Thank you friends, who celebrated me from near and far. I love you all so so so so much.


Brother's face makes me laugh everytime I look at this photo

[photo is from my birthday last year kayaking around Fox Island, Alaska. Brother’s face still makes me laugh.]

I sent my mom a text message last night telling her that I had just eaten a huge vegan sundae and was about to pass out but “thanks for carrying me for 9 months… and then the subsequent 28 years.”

2-8 is in and 2-7 is out! But, not without learning a few things:

1. When I die (which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately), I will think that this life has been good, but god damn, it went by so quick!
2. The “clear night” symbol on the iPhone weather app is not made up of tiny, indecipherable raindrops. They are stars. In my 27th year I carried my umbrella much less than my 26th year. Age = wisdom!
3. I could use to be more patient.

And dear friends, I love you all so much and am so thankful for your shiny presence in my life.

Onward, upward and striking while the iron is hot. YEOW.


Last weekend my mom and I took our annual birthday trip.

To the Berkshires!


Bristol Reservoir
MLA poster
Kripalu annex
Berkshire bowl
awesome clouds 1
Berkshire Bowl clouds
driving in Lenox
MLA at Simon's Rock
Simon's Rock
MLA at Simon's Rock 2
New York girls in MA
Sunday morning 6am
Canyon Ranch
early birthday cake

There was… some shopping in Lenox, a lot of yoga followed by a lot of meditation at Kripalu followed by a Radiohole’s Inflatable Frankenstein at Simon’s Rock for Mass Live Arts, and a luxurious day at Canyon Ranch(!). I’m not afraid to admit that I move quickly between all extremes!

The weekend was rounded out by some premature birthday cake with my parents on Sunday night. Maple walnut, oh yeah!

08 birthday cake

My birthday is coming up.

I don’t care for counting down or threatening people’s lives if they don’t remember, but WordPress has this function that every time you publish a post it tells you how many posts have been published to date.

So, yesterday I saw that I’ve posted 289 posts. And, my birthday is two weeks away.

Being the great lover of competition that I am not, I’m posing a challenge to myself to get to 300 posts by August 9. If I do it, I will celebrate with cake. If I don’t do it, I will celebrate with cake. I’m not good with math┬ábut 11 posts in 14 days seems doable.

jeso cat

A very special birthday blog post from one kitteh to another.

It seems it was only yesterday that I showed up at Barramundi for our first, outside-of-the-office-hang which also happened to be your birthday. Time flies when you’re having fun, no?

Happy Birthday, girl. I think this year shall be the year.