Early in my dance “career” (i.e. approx. 1997-2007) I had a thing where I always wanted to wear risque dance costumes, like hot shorts and shit. Instead, I was relegated to wearing ill fitting mens clothes. Several times.

Late in my dance “career” (i.e. now) I would rather lay face down in a dumpster than parade around in spandex. Since I am the clothier of cakeface, I call the shots now!

Lo and behold… CAMP CAKEFACE.

camp cakeface

These coordinating camp separates are for our new piece, harold, i hate you. We had a showing on Wednesday night and my mom (my mom! She still comes to all of my performances!) snapped this pic of me and Jeso. Me and Jeso’s other mom, Cassie, said we couldn’t be any cuter. I feel totally comfortable in tooting my own horn and saying YES, yes we are.


visual overload
vomit clean up fee
road signage
just uniting
Farmhouse bar
Farmhouse lunch
on top of Live Lab
metallic tits
love tag
Chicago hot dogs
calling the number
elevated train
crossing a bridge with bride/groom
Oriental 1
Oriental 2
the bean
this is the bean.
reflections in the bean 4
Crown Fountain 1
Crown Fountain 2
Crown Fountain 3
Chicago River
Wrigley Building silhouette
bike at a stoplight
HG & JO in front of Empire Liquor 5
Wicker Park, building
Wicker Park facade
Wicker Park storefronts
flowers in Wicker Park
1400 (with a gd Starbucks straw)
Jeso in a stiletto chair
Bangers & Lace 1
seizure of the eye
Bangers & Lace 2
Chicago reader stand
sun setting on Chicago
train lines
Chicago alley
waiting for the train
Chicago train
street art
Constellation//Links Hall
vice 3
vice 7
self timed floor pic
show order
still life with a banana (in the dressing room)

prop placing 2
Core Project Going Dutch
outside Links Hall
90 Miles
empty lot 1
empty lot 3
in between shows
galactic ceiling
dressing room
cat face
7pm show
gin fizzes to celebrate
Constellation//Links Hall
Chicago deep dish
yes, pizza, yes
early morning airport call
Chicago cab
6am cab ride
bai Chicago

cakeface’s Chicago trip was a success.

I’ve never been to Chicago, which meant Jeso, AS and our host, Hope, guided me around the city. Our first day in town, Friday, had beautiful weather so we walked around town. I don’t know anything about Chicago, but I do know that everyone I’ve ever seen that goes to Chicago goes and takes a picture of “the bean”/the actual name is Cloud Gate.

First impression: the idea I had in my head was that Cloud Gate was in a very long, narrow plaza. That was incorrect. It’s more like a square, in the middle of a park. Secondly, my belief that a bunch of people would be taking pictures of their reflection was totally right on. Jeso so kindly documented this for me. Lastly, I had no idea how beautiful it would look on a sunny, cloudless day. Watching the sky and the buildings in the morphed reflection was amazing.

We walked around Wicker Park. Jeso and I shared a foie gras hot dog (not pictured) and also took an evening walk to Marshall’s because she forgot her strapless bra to go under her costume (also not pictured).

Saturday we spent in the theater. Links Hall is a big, beautiful open space. We performed vice. (with mary kate) which is the first piece cakeface created and performed. Two shows and many sequined boleros later, I had my first non-Pizzeria-Uno Chicago deep dish pizza experience. It was less like runny pie and actually more like pizza that I suspected it would be, and I am in full support of polenta crust. Though, my advice to others would be not to eat it at midnight. Just saying.

Sunday morning required a 5:30AM wake up and then carting our asses to the airport. The upside to doing things like this is that you arrive back in New York before noon.

Hey Chicago, thanks for having us. We like you.

vice. (with mary kate) from cakeface on Vimeo.

Saturday with D

… your man surprises you with tickets to see Trisha Brown at BAM
… and it becomes one of your favorite shows you’ve seen in your life
… and it kind of inspires you for your own show that’s coming up.

225 e 64th

It’s also nice when you have rehearsal in a creepy basement and no one gets murdered the way you kind of pictured you might when you walked in ALONE.

Not that I would ever, ever complain about free rehearsal space.


This animal woke me up this morning intimating that he wanted to go for a walk. After I got out of bed and got dressed I was looking for him and found him. In bed. Asleep.


I can’t be angry, he got me to school earlier than I ever make it during the week. So there’s that. Then I had a long morning of listening to music and researching.

Rogue Wave, Chicago x 12

Normandie, Shout Out Louds

Full Circle, Half Moon Run

Run Off The Road, Ola Podrida

While we’re on the musical note… Debo and I went to see Newsies on Friday night. I had no idea of the storyline and my main reasoning for going was that the last time I saw Tony Coleslaw he said “I really want to go see Newsies.” That’s it. He told me the dancing was supposed to be amazing. A) He was so right. B) It was the gayest musical I have ever seen and in the very, very best way. Supposed orphan newspaper boys? I couldn’t remove myself from my insider knowledge of dance boys and was very amused thinking about what it must be like to be in a cast with 20 men, most of whom are probably gay. It could either be glorious or very cruel.

For those nursing hangovers and needing amusement.

It never occurred to me to post cakeface video footage. This is from our piece we premiered in October, and recently performed in New Haven.

don’t call me mcneill. probes the link between cultural identity and surnames. it addresses the phonetic alphabets and pronunciation formulas people invent for themselves and how those well-rehearsed routines are unconsciously handed down from generation to generation. the cast is accompanied by acclaimed electronic musician and dj, the polish ambassador.

don’t call me mcneill. (complete work) from cakeface on Vimeo.

Applause not necessary, but always appreciated.

The Nutcracker was amazing. ABK saw my post on Friday and was so delighted that even though an entire month of Nutcracker performances makes ballerinas suicidal, that I am brought so much “goddamn joy.” I mean, what’s not to love? Megan Fairchild as the Dewdrop was just like, super whoah. Imagine the spunkiness of the Canary Fairy variation from Sleeping Beauty, mixed with my overwhelming love for Waltz of the Flowers. IMAGINE. Okay, maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you. Maybe just try to imagine that this was a really magical experience that I will not soon forget.

BUT REALLY… she was also super on her leg, which meant she could fouette for several minutes. That last part might be an exaggeration, but god, it was incredible. I saw Alina Cojocaru last spring when she was a guest artist with ABT, and her balance was insane. Without assistance she would just hang out in arabesque, on pointe, for several minutes [also an exaggeration]. There is something about seeing a dance do the impossible with such ease, that makes my heart leap. Also, the snow in the Snow Scene? Also magical. The whole show was just like, wow.

Not unlike the Google Chrome Dear Sophie people, the NYCB has nostalgia down to a science.

It was also decided Friday night that I am going to Hawaii for New Years. I initially thought I would have to be insane to go, and then, after thinking it over for a few nights, I thought, “you’re an idiot if you don’t go.” 7 days with my man friend, which is the most concentrated period of time that we’ve seen each other thus far, and if he doesn’t want to kill me by the end of it, then… well, good for me that someone can deal with me 24 hours a day for 7 days. We’re stopping in LA for 2 days, and then to Kauai. I return to New York sometime in January but it isn’t guaranteed that I just won’t run off and build a hut in the rainforest and start a Dharma Initiative type commune (Doug Hutchinson and his child bride will not be invited).

Saturday was Cunningham at BAM. And shit, that was good too! I’ve never seen Cunningham before, but AS knows all the insider info since she interned there for two summers during college. They were incredible. They performed three pieces, the second being RainForest, a piece inspired by Merce’s time in the Northwest. I wrote a research paper on this piece when I was in college for my Art History Since 1945 class (yeah, Debo, it was with Sachs!), and also analyzing Cave of the Heart which was a Graham/Noguchi collaboration. Andy Warhol designed the mylar pillows that float around. I’d never seen the actual piece, only photos. The pillows were awesome, they hovered mid air, the dancers interacted with them only in a way that was of coincidence, not some trite, forced bull shit. The last piece was Split Sides, in which everything is determined by rolling the die. Two music portions, one by Sigur Rós and the other by Radiohead, two sets of costumes, two sections, and some option of one dancer going first vs. another. I can’t remember all the details of the die rolling, but I do remember all the incredible dancers. Unreal balance and strength. Leaping, landing on one leg, and then doing something ridiculous like crouching down the ground with one leg still up, and then rising back up.

It was a weekend of real. good. dance.

But hey, THIS IS NOT A DANCE BLOG. So I’m going to stop talking about it. But really, ugh, what amazing dance. So inspiring. I am in fact so inspired, that when DB and I go to the deKooning exhibit at Moma next week, I am going to give him my best reenactment of the Cunningham show while in the galleries. Art + art. How could I fail? Other than looking like an enormous asshole at a pretty prestigious retrospective.

The rest of the weekend was spent finishing my research paper and making home made funfetti cupcakes. I taste tested so many spoonfuls of sugar that I was buzzing for several hours, as confirmed by my textual rant to DB last night at an hour that I usually spend meditating on ideas of Eric Northman turning me.

School’s over on Thursday. Then, I will drink some bourbon and be happy that for a month, I can go back to a somewhat more normal, more daylight and sleep filled life.

This lit up my life yesterday:

Very Mary Kate

Specifically the part about Photoshopping her life.


This weekend.

Tonight is the NYCB Nutcracker. Which is, after 15 years of performing in it every year, still one of my favorite things in the world. It makes me feel like Christmas is really here, and makes my heart feel light and full of goddamn joy. The bone fixer surprised me with tickets! (and no, I apparently do not understand the implications of calling someone that).

Saturday will be filled with more AT&T time. It was actually supposed to be filled with R-dawg and the Hot Matriarch and decorating ginger bread for the first time ever but as it turns out, writing a paper is hard work and is requiring some more time than I had expected.

Saturday night is Cunningham at BAM. This is the end of the Legacy Tour. This is the end of the Cunningham Company as we know it. I’ve never seen them live before. I did, however, write a paper on Rain Forest, which they are performing Saturday night. Andy Warhol designed the mylar pillow props that they use for this piece. AS, who interned at Cunningham for several summers, is coming with me. I expect she will have insider information on all the pieces, and that she can narrate the entire 2 hours for me.

Sunday will not be a day of rest. But you know, after that, there will only be 4 days until the semester is over and then it will be a glorious, glorious month of pseudo-freedom. In which I will sleep an absurd amount of hours and probably do some cool things I wouldn’t otherwise have time for. We’ll see.

Happy Friday. I am so glad it’s the weekend.